Smoke Alarms

Installing smoke alarms in your family home or rental property is one of the smartest things a homeowner can do. They protect your family and most valuable asset.

Smoke Alarms are credited with having saved many lives in the event of fire at a property.

A good quality smoke alarm will detect smoke and fire well before the occupants will and will sound an alarm to ensure the occupants leave the property without incurring damage or injury.

The risk of death from fire is three times higher in a home that does not have working smoke alarms!

For rental property owners – the home owner is liable for installing maintaining the smoke alarms in a given property. They must be checked every 12 months by law, however every 6 months is the recommended interval.

There are 2 main types of smoke alarms:

  1. Ionisation type – The Ionisation type of smoke detector is now outdated, it is old technology that needs to be replaced with a photoelectric smoke alarm

  2. Photoelectric – A photoelectric detector has a mechanism that detects smoke via a photoelectric process and will set off an alarm a lot quicker than an Ionisation type detector – it is now mandatory that all homes be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms.

Queensland Smoke Alarm Laws have changed as of January 2017.

As a result of a house fire at Slacks Creek in 2011 that killed 11 people including 8 children, all homes must now have a hardwired, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm in all bedrooms as well as one (1) in the exit path on any level not containing bedrooms.

The timeline for the implementation of the new legislation is as follows:

  • By January 1, 2017: All new dwellings or substantially renovated properties

  • By January 2022: All dwellings sold or leased; all Government-owned housing

  • By January 2027: All domestic dwellings

So when will you need to upgrade your house?

This depends on your circumstances.

All smoke alarms generally have a 10-year lifespan, if you need to replace smoke alarms, you must replace them with the photoelectric type from 1 January 2017 and must have your entire dwelling comply with the legislation from 1 January 2027.

If you are building or making substantial renovations, all building works approved after 1 January 2017 must comply.

If you’re selling, leasing or renewing a lease - all existing obligations will continue after January 1 2017 and the property must be completely compliant as of 1 January 2022.

If you sell your property after January 1 2017, you must lodge a Form 24 with the Queensland Land Registry Office stating the new legislative requirements have been met.

Daydream Electrical - Smoke Alarm Price List

  • Install new photoelectric smoke alarm in place of existing - $80

  • Supply/Install photoelectric smoke alarm (including new wiring) - $120

  • Supply/Install 4 photoelectric smoke alarms including wiring in single level house - $400

Prices above assume a standard type of brick veneer home construction and will need a site inspection to be confirmed.

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